Webinar: Prepare for the Shifting Reporting Landscape: Real-time Reporting, Hungary and More...

October 31, 2017 Sovos -

Shared services and tax professionals have had to adapt to governments requiring more and more data, at a transactional level and in real-time.
The next country to roll-out this type of regulation is Hungary (1st July, 2018) but more will follow. To meet this challenge, companies must embrace change and optimize through automation and tax compliance technology.
Join us for a webinar with sharedserviceslink and Sovos on 8th November. In this session, Jeroen Wensveen, Solution Principal for VAT Solutions from Sovos will provide insight on:

  • How shared services can best prepare for the changing reporting landscape
  • Overview of the global tax reporting landscape
  • Detailed view of Hungarian requirements and its business challenges and impacts
  • The future of Tax Compliance and shared services
  • How to choose the right partner
  • Minimize the risk of losing efficiency and effectiveness

Register for this webinar today to:

  • Increase your level of understanding about tax compliance landscape, in particularly Hungary
  • Prepare your shared services for the challenges ahead and minimize the risk of losing efficiency and effectiveness

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Sovos is a leader in global tax, compliance and business-to-government reporting software, safeguarding businesses from the burden and risk of compliance in thousands of tax jurisdictions around the world.

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