VAT Compliance Lessons Learned from Latin America

February 8, 2018 Gustavo Jimenez

Brazil, Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries have been on the bleeding edge of technology-driven value-added tax (VAT) initiatives for more than a decade. These countries have set the stage for similar compliance and reporting requirements that are now sweeping across more than 30 European countries.

Businesses operating in Europe have a distinct benefit. However, they can learn from the experiences of companies that went before them in Latin America, which will help them prepare for their own impending VAT compliance and reporting changes.

Sovos has worked with many multinational companies, as well as governments in Latin America, and in the process gained great insights into what works, as well as the hurdles companies will have to navigate. We recently developed a tip sheet that offers 10 lessons learned from the Latin America compliance and reporting revolution. In this tip sheet, we talk about:

  • how compliance isn't just a local technical issue
  • the need to be flexible, since regulations can change with lightning speed
  • why contingency plans are a must
  • the impact of cross-border initiatives

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Get greater insights into all you need to know as your company prepares for new European tax regulations. Download the tip sheet "Top 10 VAT Compliance and Reporting Lessons from Latin America" today.

About the Author

Gustavo Jimenez

Gustavo Jimenez is the Product Marketing Manager for Sovos’ solutions in Latin America and is based in Atlanta, GA. Gustavo is responsible for go-to-market strategy for Sovos LatAm Reporting solutions in countries with existing and upcoming eReporting mandates. He has more than five years of experience in eInvoicing, middleware integrations, and regulatory research. He works closely with the product management and development team as well as sales and marketing to facilitate compliance process transformations for Sovos clients. Prior to joining Sovos, Gustavo was responsible for marketing activities and strategy at Invoiceware International, a leading eInvoicing solution for businesses with operations in Latin America. He focused on the go-to-market strategy of their solutions as well as communications with the LatAm market about regulatory changes and new solutions.

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