Webinar: How to Automate Tax Exemption Certificate Management to Confidently Defend Against Audits

Exemption Certificates are low hanging fruit for Auditors - Find out how you can fight back

Outdated, missing and incorrect certificates are an easy target for auditors and sloppy exemption certificate processes can lead to errors, unhappy customers and potentially significant penalties.

If you are tired of living on the edge and looking for a way to get your exemption certificate house in order and keep it that way - join us for our upcoming webinar where you can see firsthand how our intuitive cloud-based solution can help you centralize and streamline the process of collecting and managing exemption certificates, saving you time and worry. Also learn how 100% real-time visibility of your exemption certificate gaps can enable a more proactive approach to stay ahead of the auditor. 

Join our webinar on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 2pm ET for:
  • An overview of exemption certificate best practices
  • A live demonstration of Sovos CertManager capabilities and the problems they solve for Tax, IT, and Finance departments 
  • An overview of how you can use CertManager with a sales and use tax determination engine to take your billing and exemption process to the next level. 

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