Webinar: How to Address Hidden Issues with Mexico eContabilidad 1.3 as Amparos Are Slowly Going Away

Multinationals operating in Mexico are required to submit their journal entries (polizas) reports as required under eContabilidad legislation. This is the most difficult part of eContabilidad. Companies are required to match accounting movements in SAP with the corresponding UUDIs from the SAT (Mexico’s Tax Authority). In addition, the complexity increases as the SAT continues to add new CFDIs, for example, Pagos which go live December 1, 2018 to better track payments and tax liability as these are also required in your poliza reports.

Join our webinar to learn more about the hidden issues with Mexico’s eContabilidad and its impact to your organization. There are now five different types of CFDIs that you are mandated to report in the polizas; Sales, Purchases, Nomina, Travel and Expense, and Pagos. All of these documents in SAP must be linked to all corresponding UUIDs to justify your VAT deductions. With increased eAudits by the SAT, the only way to avoid increased fines and penalties by the SAT is by having a single solution native to SAP for eInvoicing, Pagos, and eContabilidad.

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