SAPInsider Webinar: 9 eInvoicing Mandates and Go-Lives in 2018: Is your SAP Environment Prepared?

March 21, 2018 Brian Elswick

What You'll Learn

Change is a constant when it comes to tax compliance and B2G reporting throughout Latin America — the leader in eInvoicing and fiscal reporting — and tax agencies in Europe are learning from them and implementing similar eInvoicing and fiscal reporting models in order to continue to evolve their regulations to further streamline processes and maximize tax collections. 

There are 9 eInvoicing mandates and go-lives set to roll out in 2018 across Europe and Latin America — including Colombia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Italy, and more. Businesses that operate in these regions need to prepare their SAP ERP systems for the wave of mandates that are coming to avoid operational shutdowns and potential hefty fines from the tax agencies. Financial and technical leaders responsible for SAP need to have a regional/global strategy to efficiently comply with mandates and keep their businesses running smoothly. 

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn: 

• The basics of 2018’s global eInvoicing mandates and what is required to comply 
• Recommendations on how to prepare for the new mandates 
• How to develop a global strategy within your SAP system for compliance 
• Strategies for avoiding potential risks, including operational and IT support issues as well as audits and penalties 

Watch this webinar on-demand

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Colombia eInvoicing Tipsheet

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