Podcast: Handle Tax effectively in a Shared Services Center Environment

January 22, 2018

Duration: 30 minutes
Listen to the podcast here!


In recent years, the shared services business model has evolved from centralisation to process standardisation with the continued aim of cost reduction. This is in part due to new real-time reporting and standardised financial reporting requirements that demand technology and have introduced business challenges for companies of all sizes.

These measures provide the opportunity to automate and gain company-wide visibility to ensure compliance and avoid significant fines or penalties.

Further, value-added tax (VAT) compliance and reporting initiatives sweeping across Europe and around the globe are spurring an even more significant evolution in shared services – driving them beyond simply a cost-saving effort and compliance maintenance approach to an intelligent and proactive one. With this shift, companies are able to minimise risk, improve efficiency and gain greater insights into overall business operations.

Listen to the podcast where Jeroen Wensveen Solution Principal at Sovos will discuss with Reka Komaromi and Henrietta Raab from EY Hungary how Shared Services Center can handle effectively Tax Compliance and Reporting in the ever changing landscape.

Why listen:

  • To understand the Tax Compliance and Reporting Landscape
  • To learn how it is impacting Shared Services and Tax Managers role
  • To learn why applying technology is essential


Listen to the podcast here!

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