Brown-Forman Eases Brazil Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI Compliance with Sovos eInvoice

November 29, 2017 Alex Forbes



The Sovos eInvoice solution for business-to-government reporting allowed Brown-Forman to ease the burden of compliance from its IT team across multiple countries.


Business Challenges

  • Growth strategy hindered by complex regulations 
  • Real-time processes and responses required by mandates impacting business operations
  • Limited IT resources to monitor and implement requirements



Sovos eInvoice for business-to-government regional reporting to support Brazil Nota Fiscal, Mexico CFDI and Mexico eContabilidad.



  • Seamless integration with SA 
  • Constant monitoring and support has resulted in zero business disruptions 
  • Ability to redeploy resources to core business functions
  • Need for ongoing SAP upgrades and IT burdens eliminated


The Company


Brown-Forman is one of the 10 largest spirits companies in the world, distributing products in more than 160 countries. Based in Louisville, Kentucky with offices across the globe, Brown-Forman manufactures iconic brands such as Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Woodford Reserve.


The Challenge


International expansion has been integral to Brown-Forman’s success, but this growth strategy placed a great demand on its IT team. The company’s SAP systems needed to comply with the constantly changing financial legislation around the world, and e-invoicing mandates threatened to exceed the Brown-Forman IT team’s bandwidth. This was especially a concern in Brazil and Mexico, where the company operates nine facilities and regulations change frequently.

Demanding real-time processes and responses, any e-invoicing oversight in these countries would affect both the finance and supply chain teams, and could significantly impact business operations. 


The Solution

With limited in-house IT resources to monitor and implement each country’s fiscal requirements, Brown-Forman needed a solution that would help it adapt to the ever-changing Latin American landscape and also integrate into its single global instance of SAP ERP.

Given the extensive scope of its operations in Latin America, Brown-Forman realized that it needed a specific subject matter expert. In addition, the company required a predictable cost structure during its heavy expansion.

“Because Sovos provides the network upgrades as well as the SAP ERP
configurations, we have been able to work with one vendor across
multiple countries and confidently manage the changes to Brazil’s
Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI’s legislation.”

- Randy Isdahl, Director SAP Process Architecture at Brown-Forman


Why Sovos for eInvoicing? 

Brown-Forman selected the Sovos Business to Government Reporting regional solution to simplify its compliance efforts in Brazil and Mexico. The company sought a solution that could help it cut down on human resource capital and technology investments, and Sovos’ SaaS platform allowed it to accomplish that goal.


The Benefits

Sovos provides Brown-Forman with constant monitoring and support, ensuring no compliance-related business disruptions. Plus, the Sovos solution seamlessly integrated within Brown-Forman’s existing systems, allowing the company to manage multi-country compliance directly within its internal SAP system.


The Results

With Sovos Business to Government Reporting in place, Brown-Forman was able to redeploy resources to core business functions, including account receivables and account payables, and focus on supply chain and logistics enhancements. In addition, the partnership has eliminated the ongoing SAP upgrades and IT burdens caused by the constantly changing e-invoicing regulations.


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