[Webinar Replay] Peru SUNAT Announces E-Invoicing Mandate for All Multinationals

August 27, 2015 Steve Sprague

In August 2015, Peru published new legislation that mandates electronic invoicing as the standard starting in 2016. Over the last few years, the SUNAT (Peru’s Tax Authority) has announced a number of e-invoicing waves; however, this latest legislation focuses exclusively on large and medium organizations classified as PRICOS (principal contribuyentes nacionales).

Listen to the webinar replay to learn the latest details on the upcoming Peru mandate, including:

  • Important dates & key requirements
  • Understanding what is involved in receiving the readiness declaration for certification
  • How to avoid potential risks including operational and IT support issues as well as audits and penalties

Watch this webinar session and learn about the potential impact of these mandates on your business.

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