Webinar: Regulatory Updates and How to Prepare for the Upcoming Tax Season

April 7, 2017 Lee Pender

2016 was a year of many changes in tax information reporting rules and obligations. View our webinar on demand to get a comprehensive understanding of these regulatory updates and how to prepare for the upcoming tax season.  

During the webinar Sovos Compliance subject matter experts will discuss:

  • Regulatory changes throughout the year including:
    • 1099 Box7
    • States leaving CFS (16 now have a filing requirement in January)
    • 1098-Q
    • Compressed timelines and penalty increases
  • Season Readiness
    • Source system and pull requirements
    • Understanding your obligations
    • Processes and procedures for season preparation
    • How to conduct a season “Pilot test” and how to execute

View on demand today!

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Webinar: Understanding your upcoming ACA reporting options

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