Webinar: Compliance in the Cloud - IT Challenges for Manufacturers

April 7, 2017 Lee Pender

If your IT team is experiencing increased interaction and requests from your company’s tax department, you’re not alone. State and local regulators are making investments in technology to go after unpaid sales and use tax as a source of revenue.

View on demand: John Landy, CTO and Chuck Maniace, Director of Tax Research for Sovos will discuss the issues facing IT leaders in staying compliant with regulatory tax requirements.

In this webinar we cover:

  • The role of IT in addressing audits, data capture, filing and exemption certificate management
  • The risks of relying on your ERP for regulatory compliance
  • Integration and connectors for ERPs
  • Technical challenges to scaling compliance with your company’s growth
  • Pros and cons of SaaS vs. on-premise tax compliance
  • Burden on IT of managing frequent and persistent regulatory changes
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