Sovos Compliance – What's In Our New Name?

March 3, 2015 Troy Thibodeau

Troy Thibodeau
Troy Thibodeau, CMO

We have a new name! 

As many of you already know, last year, Convey, Taxware and VAT Resource came together as one organization. We now have a new corporate name: Sovos Compliance. This new name represents a broader vision and scope for the combined business.

The name Sovos is inspired by the roots of Greek words, including “sophia”, meaning wisdom, “foros” meaning tax and “neos”, meaning new. As Sovos Compliance, we will strive to embody these characteristics by leveraging the wisdom from our team of experts and the abilities of our technology to tackle the ever-dynamic tax regulatory environment around the globe.

With our new comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions and services, we are able to meet the demands of complex tax compliance reporting and withholding obligations, regardless of where an organization does business worldwide.

Sovos Compliance offers three product portfolios to clients:

  • Tax Information Reporting (1099) – The Tax Information Reporting solutions assist businesses with third-party tax information reporting, often referred to as 1099 reporting and withholding activities that deal directly with a taxpayer.
  • Indirect Tax – Our Indirect Tax solution helps businesses address sales and use tax responsibilities such as taxes collected via a third party or retailer. 
  • Global Tax– Our Global Tax solutions provide organizations with the services and technologies necessary to meet their tax reporting responsibilities throughout the world, including Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting and Value-Added Tax (VAT) reporting.

The combination of Taxware, Convey and VAT Resource into one organization has increased our research coverage of tax jurisdictions as well as our technology capabilities. Our decades of experience helping companies across all industries with their tax withholding and reporting activities provides our clients the confidence to efficiently navigate today’s complex regulatory environment. Our scalable software seamlessly integrates with a wide-array of applications and information technologies. Ultimately, Sovos Compliance strives to provide clients peace of mind by simplifying tax compliance, providing greater control and visibility and mitigating risk.

We are excited for our clients to recognize the full value of this evolution and enjoy the benefits of our wide-ranging capabilities. Please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions.

Troy Thibodeau
Chief Marketing Officer


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